Top 5 ingredient grain free desserts

In fact, the simple and easy recipes always provide texture and taste without any gluten. If you strictly follow the grain free diet due to person choice or any celiac disease, intolerance or allergy, first of all, you want to understand that making the best homemade choices that suit your needs. This could be quite time consuming, but purchasing premade choices for your convenience can be costlier. When it comes to making your own delicious grain free dessert, there are some simple ingredients available, so you can change most of your favorites into grain free treats that you would love.

Grain free granola

This recipe usually calls for coconut chips instead of using normal granola ingredients. To make this, you need to have these ingredients such as chia seeds, cacao nibs, maple syrup, sesame seeds, unsweetened coconut chips, hemp seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, turmeric and cinnamon.

Chocolate chip cookies

To make these cookies, you have to swap the coconut and almond flavors for making regular dough that provide you a grain free version, which is more delicious. After combining all ingredients together, you can make dough into balls and mildly press with your palms to make a puck shape.

Chocolate tart

This is a refined sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, grain free and mouthwatering chocolate tart. The ingredients used for this recipe are including vanilla extract, almond flour, coconut sugar and melted ghee. For garnish, you can also add mint leaves, fresh berries and coconut whipped cream.

Vegan cheese cake

There are no other grains required to make this healthy vegan cheese cake. Instead of that, the crust is made from the walnuts and dates. The ingredients added are cardamom, raw walnuts, cinnamon and pitted soft dates.

Therefore, the grain free recipes are very easy and simple to make recipes with the above five ingredients. To know more about, you can simply take a look at this site and get to know the estimates of nutritional information.