Know The Care With The Electrical Installation

Nowadays, it is very common to have a particular”fear” of electricity, and that’s why we end up taking some care with the electrical installation such as using rubber cable protector. So even though electricity plays an essential role in our lives, we cannot treat it carelessly. Did you know that one of the most frequent causes of fires in homes or offices is the aging and deterioration of electrical installations? This is especially true when they are old and poorly maintained.

Given these facts, knowing how to do the proper maintenance and the care with the electrical installation we have to have, are fundamental steps. To help you in this matter, we have prepared this mini guide.Below you will learn about the care with the residential electrical installation that you need to know to avoid accidents!

Unique Tips On Electrical Installation Care

We must always take special care and perform the correct maintenance of electrical installations. This is the most effective way to avoid domestic accidents and generate savings on electricity bills.In summary, along with what you have already learned here about care with residential electrical installation, the recommendations are based on:

Do not leave electrical appliances within reach of children

Unused outlets keep them covered with protectors

Avoid appliances, loose cords, plugs, etc. In children’s rooms, mainly

Take special care with radiators and electric heaters

Bathrooms and kitchens are areas with the highest electrical risk due to humidity

Do not use electrical appliances near the bathtub or shower

Never use electrical appliances with wet hands

Do not use electrical appliances without wearing shoes

Do not use metal objects to extract food from electrical equipment

Do not use appliances near the faucet or damp areas in the kitchen

Turn off appliances before leaving home

Unplug appliances before cleaning them

Never pull the cable when disconnecting any device connected to the network

Do not insert metal objects into electrical appliances in use


The risks in electrical installations are imminent, but following good practices, you can reduce domestic electricity accidents. So, be sure to follow the recommendations set out in this article to improve your safety at home.