How Abiola Oke Made Me A Better Salesperson Than You

Over the past number of days, several former and present Okayplayer and OkayAfrica staff have come ahead on social media with their stories of demoralizing, misogynistic, and deeply problematic experiences while coping with Oke. Since we left, efforts have been made internally and externally to carry this up, but it surely has been denied. The explanation many business owners flame out is that they don’t have a clear suggestion of what they need to make with their lives. The Punch. Retrieved 23 Could 2022. Ali Isa has been declared the winner of the primary election, garnering forty-three votes out of sixty-one to defeat his rival and lawmaker Rambi Ayala, representing Biliri East within the State House of Meeting, who scored nine votes.

The allegations on the floor were taken severely, and everyone stood by the brave girl who got forward to speak against Abiola. On June 23, Black female ex-employees got here ahead via Twitter to detail their experiences with toxic work surrounding the leadership of Abiola Oke, the former Chief Government Officer and Publisher, and current Editor-in-chief, Rachel Hislop of Okayplayer and A. Oke OkayAfrica brands. The then CEO Abiola Oke interfered within the editorial house even though his role was outside of that. They requested that Oke “step down or be removed” as CEO and publisher. She said that the workers need to make the workplace free and contemporary. Easy tools that every editorial group should have weren’t given to us.

There was no editorial construction, which was a purple flag for me. Because I additionally labored on the editorial for OkayPlayer, my expertise is like Antoinette’s. Questlove, a founder of Okayplayer, shared the company’s assertion and added: “More announcements developing. This content may also be seen in the positioning it originates from. Nonetheless, we will only assume that his marital status is unmarried. There have been many red flags, like being instructed to make use of my laptop on my very first day in the office. There were many red flags when i first signed on. There was also a sort of pushback and resistance. The primary red flag was the lack of infrastructure and assets.